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Jama left
All ppl plz look this.
My name is Robert and i want thx to all *PIMP* (Most sniper (he was my first pimp friend),spy(only he was understanding my problems and try help me and he is good friend for all my life ;)) ,sven(he was nice noob when i was playing with him but when he join pimp he almost own me :() and father( 1 guy what like war with me ;)) this clan was my the best clan.When i join first time to server my biggest dreams was join this clan!!!! cuz for me is the best:)All old members was so nice for me like Sak!o wink I think nobody in pimp dont want forogot me wink So i teal 2 words : *PIMP* forever!. I love all u guys (but im not gay!).I so sad cuz i leave all friends but all u know life sucks.Plz rember me ;). Good luck with playing and good luck in ur life guys!!!!!.
Robert (Jama).
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5 Jama  
Thx all ppl for this half year in PIMP wink

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4 Pyshx  
Good luck in your real life!
its very bad for all the members!
I sit 2 days in this clan but its very difficult to see you was setted to lvl 4:(

Good luck!


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3 Spy  
Too bad :(

You are a great personality and player, life sucks indeed .....................

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2 YourFather  
i can say nothing sad

we ve talked u know what i feel and think...just GOOD LUCK

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1 svenne  
Jama rlly tooooo bad you need to leave cry cry :'( well i want to thank you for all those f*cking awesome moments^^ i had rlly nice times with you! smile you were also one of the members that maked me wanna join *pimp* clan biggrin and helping/teaching me a lot^^ thx for all this! biggrin i will never forget you! and *PIMP* will neither^^

GOOD LUCK in real life m8!!
Love you! smile (as friends ofc wink )

grtz sven

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