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Hello PIMP's
Due to the high number of PIMP's and our new second server, the organisation of PIMP
will be changed. As from the day this is published we will have 4
squads each 8 members maximal. The name of each squad will be *PIMP* only the
colours will be different. Names please in the same colours as the squad
Each squad will have a squad-leader (Yourfather, Jama:(+, Svenne and Dsivia) who is responsible of the squad.
-Recruits/clan member kicks will be decided by squad leader 
 together with the PIMP leader.
-level increase/decrease upto level 13 can be decided by the 
 squad leader
The squad's are shown in the image attached.
As we have 2 servers and we need to separate the members we need to make a
scheme which Squad plays on wich server. This scheme will not take effect yet
because we first need to have a full second server. However playing on our
new server will be appreciate so now and than !!
Trainings will still be on Sunday 15:30 Amsterdam time. As you can see we also
introduce a Scrim team. If you wants to join plz inform me.
There will be one important rule for the scrim team:
You must visit the trainings
and when you cannot make it inform me or Husa.
Not showing up at the trainings without letting me know means you are kicked
out of the scrim team !
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10 apostoL  
biggrin nice idea [Apostol]

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9 spy  
and never change it again biggrin

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8 YourFather  
yes but tell it when u chose it... !

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7 dsivia  
epian, we do not decide your name, put a name you like the most

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6 ePian  
Maybe can i new name now? what you like guys Via$ko?

plz make a topic for mine name :DD or make 1 for me xDD

BTW its kwl :))

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5 YourFather  
why u cant?

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4 Armundo  
i canot come to training sry for that sad

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3 nickolay25  
nice idea. and i would prefer to play on the old server.
i have 1 problem, as i'm working for a restaurant i never have saturdays or sundays off sad

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2 SWiFT  

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1 YourFather  
ok nice...

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