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New Server
As you all know spy made a second server also called Beginners world XPS 4 EVER. This will be our first Jaymod server. So plz visit this one sometimes and invite players. 
This server has IP and is almost the same as our first server. Only diff. maps and coctails are added. More, this server has ETadmin mod wich gives more commands like: !stats, pizza, beer ect. is the Splatterladder link. Please add it on your favourites.
I will make a Gametracker link at the right (Site friends) asap.
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9 YourFather  
already made a vote that is declined about adren nikolay...but for molotov=passed...!

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8 svenne  
you're doing really great job spy biggrin i already made a bind for ip with new server.. i would really like to donate but i cant sad my mother doesnt even know that i play much, she dont like games :s neither does my father :s so if they would know i pay :s maybe i can give you some money in a month but dunno, anyway i will try smile

grtz sven

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7 spy  
BTW i pay for the first server dollar 45,- = € 35
and for the seond server 18 pounds = € 20

So it cost me every month 15 euro more.
And i always hear people complain about laggs on the first server.

I will change this server a bit but to get more people i first need to have the general settings and maps.

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6 Neon  
right well the new server is nice and all but it is too similar to the existing one. You should seriously mash up some of those settings to change the gameplay a bit. P.S how much are you paying for it??? I heard from sniper you're paying 45 euros a month for a 30 player server.

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5 nickolay25  
i think you pay less because its from germany, in uk its always high price, but its good connection. smile tongue

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4 nickolay25  
sorry but my ping on this server is too high surprised

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3 spy  
Thx Yourfather that would be great.

BTW i pay for the first server dollar 45,- = € 35
and for the seond server 18 pounds = € 20

So thats why i prefer the new one biggrin
More the second server is without laggs !!!!!!!!!

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2 nickolay25  
i hate molotovs, i would ruther c adren biggrin
but welldone for the new server. happy
btw how much do u pay for 1?

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1 YourFather  
nice...we should all do sth to make this server popular biggrin

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